2001 Ron Tirpak, Bob Skelton, Steve Laidacker, Tim Fader, Matt Cox – Wrestling tour in Greece


2001 Bulgaria – France Tour


2001 Bulgarian Tour with  August Westley


2001 US Team Bulgarian Tour


2002 German nationals junior with Jorg Helmdach


2002 IOWA wrestling team in Bulgaria


2002 Ron Tirpak, Bob Skelton, Frank, Jerry, Matt Cox ,Steve Laidacker, Tim Fader – Wrestling Tour Bulgaria – Turkey


2003 US Team with Brandon Slay in Italy and Switzerland


2003 Brazllian man nationals and UAE nationals juniors  wrestling camps in Bulgaria


2003 US team on Bulgaria - Greece Tour


2003 Italy France Wrestling Tour


2003 Nebraska team with coach Mark Bauer


2003 Wrestling Tour in Greece, coach August Westley


2004 German nationals junior camp in Sofia and International FILA tournament in Varna


2004 Brazilian women and men, wrestling camp in Borovetz, Bulgaria


2004 Italy Switzerland, coach August Westley


2005 Bulgarian Wrestling Tour


2006 Wrestling tour in Ukraine


2006 German juniors national team with Alexander Leipold


2006 Hungary - Slovakia - Austria, August Westley


2006 US cadet nationals greco-roman style, coach Brian Smith


2006 Wrestling tour in Athens and Greek Islands


2007 Wrestling tour Turkey – Bulgaria


2007 Wyoming team, Bulgarian Tour, coach Robert Hammer


2007 Bulgarian Tour, Mike Ondich


2007 Bulgaria-France with coach Mike Hagerty


2008 US cadet free style with coach Mike Hagerty


2008 Bulgaria- Macedonia / FILA tournament/ - Bulgaria with coach Terry Fike

2009 Bulgarian Tour with Mike Ondich

2011 Woyming team in Switzerland

2011 Bulgarian Tour with Mike Ondish

2011 Nebraska Team with Marc Bauer in Turkey and Bulgaria