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George Kalchev - BWF Bureau Member

World Silver Medalist & European Champion

Athens – Crete (12 days)

Summer ’2019

PORGRAM by days :

Flight to Europe

-1 day


5 days,


– 4 days


- - 1 day

Flight home

- 1 day

2 competitions (Athens and Iraclion-Crete)

+ training every day with local teams, sightseeing and cultural program everyday

Rough Detailed Program

(best combination between traveling, high level wrestling experience, history & culture,

international friendships, free time and FUN !!! )

1 DAY come from USA

2 DAY land in Athens

X– Accommodation in a hotel located in the center of Athens, walking distance to The Acropolis. X – DINER in the hotel

X – Sightseeing – in Athens

3 DAY - Athens

09.00 – Breakfast

10.00– Sightseeing in Athens – Olympic stadium

13.00– Lunch

14.00– Free time, swimming

17.00Training with local team

21.00– Dinner in Greek traditional style

Photo: Olympic Stadium:

The Olympic Stadium of Athens "Spyros Louis"s a sports stadium in Athens, Greece. It is a part of the Athens Olympic Sports Complex and is named after the first modern Olympic marathon gold medalist in 1896, Spyros Louis. The stadium hosts one of the biggest sport clubs in Greece, AEK Athens.

4 DAY - Athens

09.00 – Breakfast

10.00– Sightseeing in Athens – Acropolis, Manastiraki

13.00– Lunch

14.00– Free Time


20.00– Dinner – Greek restaurant

21.00– night walk in Athens

Photo: The Acropolis:

The greatest and finest sanctuary of ancient Athens, dedicated primarily to its patron, the goddess Athena, dominates the centre of the modern city from the rocky crag known as the Acropolis. The most celebrated myths of ancient Athens, its greatest religious festivals, earliest cults and several decisive events in the city's history are all connected to this sacred precinct.


08.00– breakfast

09.30– sightseeing

14.00– lunch


20.00– diner

21.00– sightseeing


08.00– breakfast

09.30– sightseeing

14.00– lunch



21.00– diner ON THE FERRY


7 DAY – arrive in Iraklion

06am(7am) – Arriving in Iraklion – hotel – breakfast – beach

07.00– Accommodation

08.00– get breakfast

09.00– go to the beach

13.00– Lunch in the hotel PETOUSSIOS

14.00– Free time, swimming

17.00Training with local team

21.00– Dinner in Greek traditional style

22.00– disco time

7 DAY - Iraklion

08.00 - get breakfast and

09.00- go to the town –Cultural-Historical part….l

13.00– Lunch

14.00– Free time, swimming - shopping

17.00Competition – beach wrestling

21.00– Dinner in Greek traditional style

22.00– disco time

8 DAY – Iraklion

09.00 – Breakfast

10.00– Sightseeing in Iraklion (or training in the beach)

13.00– Lunch -hotel

14.00– Sightseeing in Iraklion (or beach- swimming)

17.00Training with local teams

21.00– Dinner in folk style

22.00– music place

Photo: Iraklion

Heraklion (Iraklion), on Crete's north coast, is the island's capital, chief port, and main industrial center. With a population of some 174,000 and sprawling modern suburbs, it's also the fourth biggest city in Greece. In ancient times, it was the port of Knossos, and the Minoans would have traded gold, ceramics, and saffron from here. Europe's oldest known civilisation (they lived on Crete between 2700 BC and 1450 BC), the Minoans were remarkably sophisticated - they loved art, nature, and sport, and it seems they were a peaceful people who worshiped female goddesses. Today, most visitors to Heraklion come here specifically to visit the Minoan palace of Knossos (below).

9 DAY – Iraklion

08:30 – Breakfast

10:00 – training - Football on the beach 13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Free time in the town or at the beach /shopping

18:00 – go to FERRY

21:00 – Ferry – Diner on the Ferry


DAY 10

07.00 – arrive in Athens – BUS transfer to the hotel

8.00 – breakfast

9.30– sightseeing – SHOPINNG – free time

14.00– Lunch –hotel

19.00– Diner

21.00– Dinner – night walk

Photo: Manatstiraki historical market

Explore the Manastiraki area and its flea market, to buy just about anything. You will find all kinds of tourist shops, to buy art, old music, gold, copies of Greek ancient jewels, all kind of souvenirs, paintings, local traditional food and clothes.

DAY 11– Athens - depart to airport- flight home

***The daily program is flexible and can be changed after discussions with your coaches

Main idea of the Program


Like ever – we will get high level wrestling - trainings and competitions with the local clubs in Athens and Crete. We will have also Greek, Russian and Bulgarian coaches to do a TECHNICAL CLINIC and show different style - so you can learn a lot from this wrestling school.


We will accent on the Wrestling Part in Athens –where we can find many and strong senior age wrestlers (boys and girls). That’s why we stay 5+1 days in Athens…So we can make more HARD training and GOOD Competitions! That will be our HARD PART of the trip.

Second Part will be more cooler part. We stay 4 days in Crete where we still will have a SPORT PROGRM…but not so hard!! Because this is a nice vacation area and we have to profit from the great beach and combine the sport program with relaxing and get FUN( because you have big boys over there..!)


George Camps start in 1989y … and start with the IDEA OF SPORT AND CULTURAL EXCHANGE ..!!! … and always do a GREAT MIX of SPORT & CULTURE !

We have all together : training-competitions-learning new technic //

**see the culture of the area- learn the history of the countries and make many new friends, meet young people and enjoy .

Coming back to USA this young people are already grown-up people!

They learn many new technics and change their vision for the wrestling style. They learn a lot for the World history and culture and make many new friends! They become INTERNAITONAL PEOPLE !

They become a WORLD CITIZENS !!!


George Kalchev

Director – European Wrestling Camps

BWF Bureau Member

World Silver Medalist & European Champion

Total of 10 medals from World & European Championships & World Cup

President of United Sport Club CSKA(22 sports) and Wrestlinng Club CSKA - Sofia

President of "George Sport Tours"-Agency for Sport & Cultural Exchange


Imail: Instagram: George_Camps Facebook: George Kalchev Camps tel.: +359 889 300980

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